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Sacred| Heart | Earth

This organization is in it's gestation process.
Stay connected to learn about the birth and how you can be involved:

Two Dried Leaves

Who is S.H.E?

In Reverence to the Sacred


In Service to

a Heart-Centered



S.H.E. Collective will be the home of a collaborative culture that intends to serve the return to the body, the earth, and to relational intimacy. S.H.E. will host gatherings and retreats that serve the collective, and the emergent future that is being born through our togetherness - revealing itself through the visions, offerings, and efforts of those who are called towards it.


The ethos of S.H.E is anchored in a revival of reverent relationship to the sacred passages of birth and death. It highlights a culture of celebration - of how we pray, heal, laugh, and grieve - and how we be with the seasons of change, as well as the collective pains, of life. Reviving the ways we relate to the elements, to song, to dance, to the ritual arts, to rites of passage, to storytelling, and to life as family. It is a celebration of the nourishing path of healing, relating, and living, together.


It is both a Remembrance and a Revolution.

It is a Return to the Collective Heart Beat that Breathes us all.


This organization, in addition to offering gatherings, educational experiences, and non-profit directives, will also be devoted to emergent ways of how we collaborate and innovate in the realms of organizational structures, team dynamics, and financial systems. All informed by an active listening to the collective intelligence, and inspired by the next stage of human consciousness.


More to Come as S.H.E. births herself...

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